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Unapologetic Coffee

Black Mixed With Black

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In our Rihanna, short hair cut phase, and unapologetic about it. (IYKYK)🤷🏾‍♀️

We decided to go extra dark on this small batch Sumatra, like Fenty 498 dark. Our Sumatra Mandheling pulls deep, rustic and sweet characteristics typically found in Indonesia varieties. 

We wanted to showcase the beauty of small collective farmers and highlight the depth and complexity Indonesia coffees, sometimes overlooked in the specialty coffee market. Using specific wet hull process known as giling basah, this technique is found only in the Indonesian region.  

There are more and more initiatives by farmers on Sumatra to organize themselves into cooperatives. In the past, farmers did not have much leverage to help themselves get better prices for their cherry or parchment. When they’re in cooperatives, they can share resources, organize training and negotiate better prices. 

This coffee is a full bodied beauty, with beautiful spice and earthy notes. Enjoy!

Roast: Extra Dark
Origin: North Sumatra | Indonesia
Elevation: 1300+ MASL
Process: Wet Hulled (giling basah) 
Flavor Profile: Spice, Earthy, Full Bodied

Customer Reviews

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Luxe Coffee

Each cup is perfectly balanced, rich, smooth, bold & full bodied. Price is competitive, and service is prompt and kind. After buying luxury coffee for 17 years from another source, this coffee snob is now an Unapologetic Coffee snob for life. Thank you ladies! :)

Black Mixed With Black

This is one of my absolute favorite dark roast coffees that I have ever had. I signed up for the subscription service to make sure I never run out!

Lavonne Handsor
Handsy Pick

Delicious flavor

Michael Smith
Best coffee

This is the best coffee I've had... dark and rich, without all of the acidity. Awesome coffee!!


Smooth tasting coffee. Im a cream and sweetener coffee drinker, but I can drink this black