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Unapologetic Coffee

I Said What I Said

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Our signature medium roast coffee. This variety is our first and most requested variety.  The name is quintessential to how we grew up and how we chose to live and roast authentically, unapologetically.  We offer this medium, however roast it a little longer to bring out the sweeter notes.  We love this bean black both hot and cold.

Roast: Medium

Origin : Colombia

Elevation : 1600-1950 MASL

Process: Single Origin/ Washed

Flavor Profile : Caramel, Cocoa Nibs, Mellow Acidity

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Sheila Harris
Awesome Local Business

Every morning, we retirees use our old drip coffee maker to brew a pot of coffee. Why purchase grounds from some behemoth like Starbucks or Tim Hortons when delicious coffee like I Said What I Said can be found produced right in my own city? And while supporting a small local business? It makes my first cup of the day hit just right! Bravo to Unapologetic Coffee!

Bridget Murphy

I Said What I Said

Vicki Miller
I said what I said!

Sassy, as the name would suggest! This is my go to coffee everyday. Smooth and perfect! I get whole bean and use a French press. Perfect every time. 10/10 ☕️

Love this coffee!

Some of the best coffee I’ve brewed in my home.

Mary Rozler
Soooo awesome!!

Every day, my customers ask, “Whose coffee is this?” I proudly tell them “It’s Unapologetic! Right here in Buffalo, on Main Street!” People say it’s the best coffee they’ve ever had. Some have asked me not to EVER stop selling this coffee. To which I always say “I WON’T!!” Thank you for a wonderful product that keeps customers coming into my bakery. 😃